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Gluten-Free Easter Treat Found in Bethesda

April 8th, 2009 1 Comment

Today’s Washington Post Shopping Cart features a beautiful spring vision (click the link to see the picture): a Saint HonorĂ© macaroon cake from French bistro-bakery Praline in Bethesda.
The cake is available in lemon, raspberry, pistachio, chocolate, vanilla, raspberry-lemon.
It’s thrilling to see “gluten-free” listed as the very first adjective for the cake! I’d be skeptical [...]

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SHAMROCKFEST: Redbridge Beer Available

March 10th, 2008 44 Comments

This Saturday, March 15 is Shamrockfest 2008 at RFK Stadium. Thanks to some fantastic people over at Hi-Ball Events, Redbridge beer will be available!!! They have agreed to have a couple of cases of Redbridge gluten-free beer on hand at each of the five beer distribution stands in the main event area (not [...]

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