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Washington Post on “Living the Gluten-Free Life”

September 1st, 2009 43 Comments

Today’s Washington Post featured an article by “Eat, Drink, and Be Happy” columnist, Jennifer LaRue Huget, on what it means to be diagnosed with celiac disease. Thanks, Jennifer, for featuring a glimpse at what it is like living a gluten-free life in the DC area. Let’s hope all those chefs out there got a good [...]

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Founding Glutie Wins Grand Prize from Women Chefs

November 18th, 2008 33 Comments

Last Sunday, two of the three gluties (Brandi and Brooke) were at the Women Chefs and Restaurateurs’ “Crowning Cuisine” fundraiser at Willow Restaurant. (Mandy, we missed you.) The event was a blast. It was brimming with people and around every corner there were delectable finger-foods and free-flowing wine. Not a lot of the food options [...]

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How Soon Till Our Pantries Boast All the Right Labels?

June 10th, 2008 27 Comments

On Sunday, June 8, the Washington Post ran an article “Food Allergies Trigger Multibillion-Dollar Specialty Market” by Annys Shin discussing the new and widespread marketing aims of food corporations to cater to consumers with food sensitivities. The article states that according to research firm Mintel, by 2010, the gluten-free food and drink industry is expected [...]

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GF News Alert! Wash Post “A Comfortable Introduction, Gluten-Free”

February 20th, 2008 14 Comments

Hello everyone!
We would like to direct your attention to a great news article in our local Washington Post this morning, “A Comfortable Introduction, Gluten-Free.” The “Chef on Call” is helping to come up with a great dinner for a couple whose parents will be meeting for the first time. Check it out!
Also, check out [...]

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