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Brooke in Key West

Founding Glutie Brooke was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 2002. She endured a bowel resection which spurred a lasting remission and has been, gastronomically speaking, lucky enough to eat whatever she wants without much consequence. She did however, continue to suffer persistent, widespread joint pain after the surgery and, almost five years later, chose to “try” the gluten-free good life at the persistence of Brandi. To her surprise, the joint pain completely dissipated and her doctor promptly delivered a “gluten intolerant” diagnosis. In a few weeks, she dropped over 10 pounds, began sleeping better and was generally happier. Feeling good, looking good, why would a gal ever go back? These days, Brooke’s plate is full with two young sons, a pension for running half marathons, a savings-plan for a Key West house and delivering an overabundance of unsolicited advice to unsuspecting friends. Fortunately, this blog provides a great outlet for that not-so-useless information!
Brandi eats thumbnail Founding Glutie Brandi has been living the gluten-free life since January of 2006 when she finally received an official celiac diagnosis. Living with tummy trouble and joint pain for years, it took a doctor to convince her to cut the conventional beer, bread and pasta out of her life. After weeks of mourning the many things she could no longer eat, Brandi discovered the joy of gluten free cooking and cuisine. She now spends most of her time seeking out new tastes and rediscovering old recipes with a gluten-free twist. She enjoys testing servers’ “GF” knowledge at all of DC’s haunts. As a new mom, Brandi looks forward to keeping her little one gluten free for his first year. She also enjoys drinking bourbon in any size or shape, preferably while working in her garden.
omeletandme.jpg Founding Glutie Emeritus Sam became gluten free in May 2007, when she finally found a cure for all of her pain and fatigue. The discovery helped her practice her willpower and channel newfound energy into more intense workouts, leading to the loss of nearly 50 pounds. Almost all of her cooking experience once revolved around gluten-packed meals like pasta, so she had to re-learn the basics step-by-step. By no stretch of the imagination is Sam a food snob, except when it comes to those Italian dishes that she came to love during a nine-month stay in Bologna, Italy.
All material and information on www.dcgluties.com is for informational and entertainment purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice and /or treatment. If you think you have a medical condition of any sort, including one that may involve gluten, we urge you to consult your physician to seek information specific to your individual needs or for the needs of your family members. Individual responses to a gluten-free lifestyle may vary. Additionally, the views expressed by the bloggers included in our blogroll are not our own and in no way represent the views of the owners and authors of www.dcgluties.com.

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