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It’s all about the sammie

July 9th, 2012 by Brandi

Like Brooke mentioned, we’re mommies! And with mommyhood comes a life full of love … and sandwiches. While little W is only just beginning to snack on the brown-bag lunchtime staple, I find it’s the meal of choice for me most weekend days when I’m running after a crawling toddler and navigating the rest of my life.

A little PB&J on the go sounds okay, but it’s not nearly the same on gluten free bread. Many gluten free brands are sorely lacking in the sandwich department. Some are too crumbly. Some require toasting before they’re sandwich worthy. Others taste delish, but are sized all wrong. Here are my thoughts on three brands that are taking up room in my freezer for different reasons.

Udi’s: When Udi’s made its debut at my local Giant, I jumped with joy … literally, looking like a fool in the freezer section. But now I find it leaves a little to be desired. The texture is there. The flavor is good. It tastes just fine defrosted and not toasted. But I need to eat 12 Udi’s sandwiches before my lunch is complete. They’re sized more like Melba Toast than Wonder Bread. I keep it on hand for the perfect breakfast sandwich, grilled in the bacon grease and all. It also makes for a bit-sized grilled cheese. Get it for a little more than $5/loaf at Giant and Whole Foods. Available at the Lee Highway Giant and the Clarendon Whole Foods.

Whole Foods Prairie Bread: Moving on to the slightly pricier freezer section down the road, Whole Foods Gluten Free Bakehouse is a huge step up from Udi’s, literally. In comparison, each slice is HUGE. The loaves are sized to rival traditional sandwich loaves and come in a variety of flavors, including prairie bread complete with seeds and nuts and traditional white sandwich bread. Personally, I prefer the prairie bread for French toast in the mornings and a tuna salad sandwich on the go. And while the entire freezer section will lighten your wallet, you can get a loaf of Gluten Free Bakehouse bread for less than $5 at Whole Foods exclusively. Available at Clarendon and Foggy Bottom Whole Foods Market.

Rudi’s: Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Not to be confused with Udi’s, Rudi’s is my go-to sandwich bread of the moment. It’s perfect. Perfectly sized. Perfectly chewy. Perfectly flavorful. Rudi’s is a standard bread, and the whole grain option adds a nutrition boost. Now that it’s available at Costco, it’s perfectly priced, too. You can walk out the door with two loaves for $7. What’s more, they’re linked up with my favorite nonprofit advocating for healthier school food, The Lunch Box. Available at the Pentagon City Costco.

No sandwich in our house will be complete without Rudi’s in my house until the next best thing finds its way to the local grocer.

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