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Crazy Sexy Diet 21-Day Cleanse Update

March 1st, 2011 by Brooke

Today is Tuesday. Sunday was day 21 – officially the last day. Part chronicle, part confessional, here’s the status of my adventure on the Crazy Sexy Diet.

The good: I already live gluten-free so that part’s been a cinch. Choosing vegan foods is easier – and tastier! – every day that goes by. Beans really are cool. I feel smart and sexy when I order salad and everyone else orders sandwiches. Getting black bean and guacamole tacos at the burrito joint by my office was no headache. I am staying within one pound of my happiest weight – marking a total of six pounds lost in three weeks. After a two year hiatus, I’m rocking high heels again because I just feel lighter in my step. I made a simple beef stew for the Little Guy Friday night and had no urge to taste it. Giving up coffee was tough and painful for the first three days and now I don’t miss it. I’ve rediscovered the gym and even checked out a 6 a.m. spin class. We have more time in the evenings because we’re not making such labor-intensive meals. If I eat an banana, avocado-romaine smoothie for breakfast every day for the rest of my life I will die happy. My sleep is extremely restful and my productivity at work has gone up. And, since it’s the real measure of health and wellness, I’ll go ahead and tell you I’m as regular as a Metamucil commercial star for the first time in eight years. And, perhaps what is most amazing to me as someone who has dumped entire bags of apples and good intentions in the trash, is that we only tossed one half head of cabbage during the entire three weeks.

The bad: I never found the time to do the daily meditations though I do read the Mindfulness and Psychotherapy blog on my Kindle. I haven’t been doing as much yoga as I had planned. I admit to having totally irrational cheese fantasies. I ate a piece of pumpkin that touched some yogurt. (Forgive me!) We’ve already started repeating recipes. We’ve only juiced a handful of times. Despite our neti pots and supplements, we both carried the end of a long-winter’s cold with us at least l8 of the 21-days.

The ugly: Tortilla chips. We ate some every day. I’m not sure what void they were filling but we voraciously gobbled them up far more often than we would have liked. By the middle of the cleanse, we switched to the more complex Food Should Taste Good chips and ate them with hummus and baba ganouj so I feel a little less guilty but I’m going to work on transitioning to eating carrots and peppers with dips. Also…on day 19, we broke down and had some wine. Really good red wine! It was divine but I feel like I need to speak to a priest. On Day 21 we broke out of our veganism to try some of Georgetown Cupcake’s new gluten-free lava fudge cupcakes and since then I devoured at least five more.

The bottom line: We’re still going strong. We’re committed to eating vegan about 5 days a week. Neither of us has had a bite of meat and my husband tried some cheese and found it totally unsatisfying. We’re in training for a half marathon in May. Sunday we went to the Dupont Farmer’s Market and after 21-days of eating vegan it was like going to Mecca. Finally, we were empowered veggie eaters; we knew what everything was and how to use it. And the one thing we didn’t know about – sunchokes – we bought immediately and will make in a stir fry this week. We found smoked potato and kale soups and the purveyor made sure to tell us they were vegan. Huh? Were we wearing big green Vs on our jackets? How did we get in the club? Is it a club? Definitely. And everything old is new again and we’re in it together. And we’re pretty happy about it.

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