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February 12th, 2011 by Brooke

Crazy Sexy Diet bookcover
When you become a parent, three things happen.

1. You can’t find time to post to your blog. Really.

2. You become hyper-aware of what’s going into your child’s body – (be it food, toys or dusty nickels from the floor).

3. You start to conceive of a legacy.

And the next thing you know, you are on a 21-day vegan adventure. Huh?

Ok, the first is just an excuse for the DC Gluties hiatus. (One of us had a baby, the other has been busy carrying one.)

The second has been eye-opening for our entire household. My time breastfeeding warrants its own blog entry, so I’ll save it for another day, but fast forward to feeding the Little Guy solid foods and hearing myself constantly asking,”Is it organic?” and “How long has that been sitting open?”  and “Is that BPA free?” and “Why is it ever ok to eat meat from a jar?” All good questions. Even for grownups.

Then, there’s the Presidential fantasy. You know the one, where you watch your kid banging the garbage can with a old magnet and you can’t help but think, “Yep, future president.” And then you flash to him as a man, a grown man, and your brain wanders through a lifetime of scenarios and eventually you’re left to consider what the environment might be like, and you feel positively sick at the thought of landfills and tainted watersheds and pea-soup smog and you want to hurl yourself in front of the next person that reaches for a Styrofoam cup. And suddenly, you find yourself leaning into this idea of a legacy. And you vow to be a model citizen of the earth and set the example by leaving the smallest footprint you could. And to have him only bear witness to you eating food that nourishes your body. And, well, to live forever.

So, the vegan thing. In December, I stumbled upon a book called the Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr. I remembered her from the TLC documentary, Crazy Sexy Cancer and, thumbing through the book, quickly realized she had distilled all of her wellness knowledge into a lifestyle book packed with testimonials from people who made great improvements with autoimmune diseases. And, suffering from an overwhelming need to reinvent myself for the new year, as well as seek ways to transition back to a drug-free Crohn’s management protocol, I bought it and read the whole thing over the holidays.

In it, a plan is laid for change and growth from the inside out beginning with reversing your genetic destiny through food and wellness practices and ending with a 21-day gluten-free, booze free, coffee-free, alkaline vegan “adventure” cleanse. In between is a good talking-to about sleep, skin care, supplements, self care, meditation, yoga, purpose, neti pots, happiness and 35 minutes of moving every day.

And so, my fearless husband agreed to do it if I did all the homework and today is day five. In short, I’m proud to report that we have no intentions of falling off the gluten-free, vegan wagon (God, it just sounds like a hippie bus). A lot of smoothies, sprouts, snot, dollars, and downward dogs later, our marriage is ten pounds lighter and I’m seeing everything through a technicolor kaleidescope. Nothing is what it used to be, meaning and learning are everywhere. We’re having a blast. It is truly an adventure. And so, for the time being, I’m going to use DCGluties.com as a way to let you know what this all feels like…Just not tonight. I need my beauty sleep.

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