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August 23rd, 2009 by Brooke

Recently, the gluties were lucky enough to receive a few sacks of Enjoy Life gluten-free granola. Man, this stuff is good. While it’s completely oat-free, it’s got that perfect granola texture you’ve been craving and the flavors (Cinnamon Crunch, Cranapple Crunch, and Very Berry Crunch) are all delish – sweet but not too sweet. We love to mix it into Greek yogurt.

While we’re on the subject of Greek yogurt, we have both converted from the grocery-store favorite, Fage, to Blue Ridge Dairy’s Yo-Lite Greek yogurt available at the Arlington Farmer’s Market. With Brandi’s encouragement, I tried it, and it was better than I imagined – rich, creamy and surprisingly low-fat! I like to top mine with organic Tupelo honey.

For all my healthy efforts in the a.m., they sometime go out the window after dinner. With good reason! If you aren’t buying, eating, and sharing Julie’s Organic Ice Cream sandwiches – it’s time to get on the wagon! These are hands-down my favorite ready-made gluten-free treat. I have an insatiable sweet tooth and have tried nearly every GF sweet under the sun, and these are by far, the the very best. Get them at Whole Foods.

Speaking of ice cream, we just had the pleasure of attending an ice cream tasting with Susan Soorenko who makes Moorenko’s Ice Cream. This grass-fed, ultra premium ice cream is so good you only need a few tablespoons to feel satiated. The milk chocolate tastes like the best black and white milkshake you ever had and, if your missing the Starbucks Valencia Orange cake,  try Moorenko’s Orange Pistachio. Upon tasting it, I exclaimed, “This is breakfast ice cream!” In addition to her Silver Spring outpost, Susan distributes a selection of her products through local Whole Foods.

Last week, I had two scoops of Moorenko’s atop a slice of moist, rich Betty Crocker gluten-free chocolate cake. Recently Brandi moved close to me, and like true neighbors we stop by and swap food on occasion. This treat was the latest in a series of brownies and tomatoes and other goods. It tasted like REAL cake. And she said it was a cinch to make. I know what I’m making while I’m at the beach to celebrate my mom’s 60th!

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