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Biscottea – Review

June 3rd, 2009 by Brooke

Have you ever been sleeping over at a friend’s house and you know in the morning she’s going to pull the citified coffee/tea and biscotti bit? And then you are going to have to sit there and watch your friends slurp down hot beverages into which they dunk and swirl chocolate dipped biscotti? Enter Biscottea…a shortbread biscotti treat that you can pack in your suitcase.

Biscottea shortbread biscuits are a pre-packaged, individually-wrapped baked good along the lines of what I rarely eat, don’t care about, don’t try, let alone buy – from Whole Foods or even the long lines at TJ Maxx – where they sell last Easter’s chocolate.

So I was skeptical…



The truth is…it’s delicious. I can’t eat enough of these tiny tea-infused treats. I have an unabashed affection for GF cookies of all kinds and Biscottea, while not a cookie, satiates my sweet tooth and provides a delightful crunch. The Chai, the Blueberry, the Earl Gray…they all taste like they say they will. And they are classy. They aren’t crumbly representatives of coffee-house biscotti – they are well-formed biscuits of beauty.

Occasionally, when I’m at work and there’s a big pile of bagels and donuts, I wander upstairs to the kitchen with a packet or two of Biscottea in hand and I am a happy mingler dunking my biscuits in my hot tea. I have a crunchy morning nosh (finally!) and I have a happy look on my face.

They do leave a tiny film in my mouth – but, to be honest, I think it’s because they are made with real butter.

Try them. Tell us your favorite flavors. And, if you get a chance, check out the Biscottea website where they proudly proclaim a commitment to gluten-free foods to honor those with celiac disease and autism.

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