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Thrive Allergy Expo Recap

April 21st, 2009 by Mandy

I went to the Thrive Allergy Expo in Chicago this past weekend, and I had a great time. I met some of our Twitter friends, and I got to try some amazing free samples. I wrote a recap for a website I write for, Chicagoist.com, but I have a few more notes on products that I was able to try out!

  • Meister’s Gluten-Free Mixes: I’m not much of a baker, so I can’t speak for their mixes in that capacity. But I am currently eating their rhubarb bread for breakfast, and it’s incredible. And if you don’t know rhubarb, it just happens to be the ingredient on Menu Swap this week. Meister’s has recipes on their site, and you can mail-order the mixes. (Update: I ate like half the loaf for breakfast. Couldn’t help it.)
  • Glutino: They were showing off some new candy bars. I tried the milk chocolate, and it tasted like a Kit-Kat. Man, I miss those. Make a Twix bar next, please! They also had their new crackers out, and if you haven’t tried them, get thee to a grocery! They taste so normal, it’s crazy. I didn’t love the multigrain, but the cheddar, vegetable and original are addictive bites of heaven. The rep also told me that they are coming out with a barbecue chicken pizza soon. Oh, yum.
  • Toro: Jenny from Toro was there with samples and recipes to sell her baking mixes. She had chocolate chip cookies that were super moist. Secret ingredient: Jell-O pudding mix. I’ll be trying out her sponge cake mix to make some of my own soon!
  • Green’s: Hands down, the best gluten-free beer ever. They gave away samples of all three varieties. I’ve had more luck finding Quest, the Tripel Ale, but I hope I find more of Endeavour, the Dubbel Ale. It’s a little darker and heavier and reminds me more of the type of beers I used to enjoy.

Well, I’m running out of rhubarb bread, so it must be time to start the day. You can see the exhibitor list on the Thrive website, so check out some of the names you hadn’t heard of before.

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