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Review: Chocolicious, but worth the cost?

January 11th, 2009 by Brandi

Recently, Enjoy Life Foods shared a box of its newest product, boom CHOCO boom bars, to get our opinion. We sampled the milk and dark chocolate as well as the puffed rice version that rivals a Nestle Crunch bar- a treat I certainly miss from my gluten-filled days. These allergen-free bars (Enjoy Life touts that its products are often vegan and kosher, as well as casein-, dairy-, soy-, nut- and gluten-free) were certainly a welcome night cap while they lasted.

Yet, while the chocolate was rich, creamy, and satisfying, I was left pondering “why gluten free?” With the exception of the puffed rice edition, chocolate itself is not a glutie threat. If dairy, nuts or casein trouble your tummy and harm your health, or if a vegan/kosher lifestyle is part of your dietary considerations, then these bars get the glutie stamp of approval. If you’re just looking for some gluten-free sweets, though, you can stick to the more affordable Hershey’s bar … I much more recommend you dole out your dough for the Enjoy Life gluten free granola. It’s a welcome treat sprinkled on your morning yogurt or by the handul when you need an afternoon crunch.

product: Enjoy Life boom CHOCO boom bars

cost: Prices vary by location, but you can find them online for $2/each

find it here: Online or at a grocery store near you!

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