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TGI(G)F: Kabobs!

August 1st, 2008 by Brooke

In There’s Something About Mary (I’m dating myself here) – Ted (Ben Stiller) says:

“I say they should put more meats on a stick, you know?
They got a lot of sweets on sticks–popsicles, fudgesicles, lollipops–but hardly any meat.”

Enter kabobs, the gluten-free wunderkind of meat on a stick. High in protein, low in fat, and largely affordable. Best of all? Kabobs are super easy to find in the Washington, DC metro area. Not to mention these tender, juicy, grilled pieces of goodness usually come with a heaping serving of a glutie’s best friend – rice!

In South Arlington, my two kabob staples are Atilla’s restaurant on Columbia Pike near the Cinema n’ Drafthouse and Mogul Kabob on Jefferson Street in Bailey’s Crossroads. Occasionally, we splurge for the fancier, entree-style kabobs from Bamian, the little-known Afghani restaurant at the intersection of Leesburg Pike and Columbia Pike. And, when Mandy lived in Clarendon, she frequented the Virginia outpost of the Dupont staple Moby Dick where she was a big fan of the hummus. (We won’t talk about her “naan”-cidient where she couldn’t resist and glutened herself silly just for a taste of the naan.) Recently, I noticed that Dehli Dhaba in Arlington has a host of kabobs as well, if you can tear yourself away from the creamy deliciousness on the hot bar (which I can’t.)

At Atilla’s I almost always get the chicken kebab which is prepared simply and comes with a fabulous rice pilaf. My mom got the beef kabob, and I dare say that it was filet mignon. Don’t leave without a rice pudding and some baba ganouj you won’t regret it. At Mogul Kabob I get the combo which comes with rice and two Indian-like sides like vegetable jalfrezy or spinach – their chole (chick peas) is extra salty and I sometimes find myself craving it.

There are two other kabob places I’ve been meaning to try: Astor Mediterranean, a newer, second location to the original in Adam’s Morgan on Pershing by Rt. 50 and Ravi Kabob at Pershing and Glebe which Tyler Cowen calls “the best kabob and Pakistani restaurant around.” That’s saying something!

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