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Where Have All the Gluties Gone?

May 14th, 2008 by Brooke

Lucky for you, we are still all alive and well. Unlucky for you, we are all in the middle of major life moments and, in order to keep our sanity, we reluctantly have let ourselves off of the DCGluties hook for just a little while. Our blogging philosophy is that quality trumps quantity. So, while we’re constantly scouring the streets for great restaurants and trolling the aisles for delicious groceries, it’s important to us that we have the time to post articulate, well-researched news and reviews. And, lately, we haven’t had a single second.

Why, you wonder?

Brandi is tying the knot in just about 10 days and in the throes of planning a fabulous gluten-free wedding, Mandy is packing up to move to Chicago for graduate school to become a famous journalist, and I am wrapping up a graduate semester and planning an 8,000 person event for work.

We’ll be back online as soon and as often as we can. Mandy will continue to blog as an on-location glutie and Brandi and I will resume the DC-based blogging with just as much gluten-free vigor as before.

In the meantime, we hope you are enjoying these early days of summer and making time to hit the area farmer’s markets which are back in full swing or tossing back a tasty, tall cool Green’s (my new favorite beer) on the patio at Rustico.

If you would like to submit a guest post or recommend a topic for coverage, please post a comment or email any of us at our firstname@dcgluties.com.

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