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Review: Arrowhead Mills Pizza Crust Mix

April 13th, 2008 by Brooke

One Friday night, everyone else was getting Italian Store pizza so I decided to try Arrowhead Mills pizza crust mix. I used to make wheat crusts from scratch so I was reliving the good old days as I dissolved the yeast in warm water and added the oil and water to the mix until it resembled well, dough. I turned it out on a lightly GF-floured surface and kneaded it as directed and left it to rise. I noticed the dough was a little bit sticky but was not yet concerned; it rose without incident. I tasted a little bit of it (I heart raw dough) and it was far sweeter than I imagined.

I divided it into halves (each box makes enough dough for two crusts) and again laid it out on my table, but now, when I started working with the ball to actually form a pizza, it was entirely too sticky and quickly adhered to my hands and the work surface. To dry it up, I added a half cup of GF flour mix. No luck. I added another 1/2 cup. By the time it was all over and I had a workable dough for a single crust, I bet I added 1 1/4 cups of GF flour.

The mix recommends using a pan to support the crust so I used a 9×12 jelly roll pan. I sprayed it generously with PAM cooking spray (yes, it’s gluten free) and made the [recommended] game-time decision to spray my hands as well. I had no trouble pressing it into the pan. I poked it with a fork, pre-baked 3 minutes, pulled it, topped it and finished baking it. You always have to watch GF baked goods in the oven – like the pastas, they never seem to go as long as the directions indicate. In the end, my pizza (the usual red pepper/artichoke) was very tasty and even our 10-year-old guests thought it was “pretty good!” (this, AFTER Italian Store goodness). Was it worth the work? Eh, I’ll probably stick to Gillian’s frozen dough because it is so convenient.

P.S. Wondering what I did with the second dough ball…Remember how I said it was sweet? So, I added 3/4 cups of sugar to the dough and rolled it into 1″balls. I dumped a few inches of canola oil into a high-walled iron skillet and fried up some gluten-free donuts! After pulling and draining the golden puffs (they resembled beignets) on paper towels, I rolled them while they were still warm and sticky in a cinnamon sugar blend! Scrumptious!

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