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Review: Bob’s Red Mill Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

February 14th, 2008 by Brooke

Chocolate Chip Cookie
I’ve made these cookies before; more than once. The first few times, they came out too crispy or too chewy but, alas, dear readers, I think I have finally mastered this mix. And, by mastered, I mean I would feel fine mailing a dozen to my German-grandmother-in-law for a taste test. These cookies are buttery, light, chewy, sweet and salty in all the right proportions and I am in heaven.

Here is how to make this mix work perfectly: The recipe, a dry mix available in the Harris Teeter cake/cookie mix aisle, appears already peppered with chocolate chips in a clear bag. It calls for 1 stick of cold margarine and 1 large egg. In my experience, you pretty much abuse the chilled butter with the mixer until its malleable, add your large egg and cream the two together. Then, you beat in the mix for 2 minutes on a low speed. You’ll notice the mix is somewhat powdery and, even raw (sorry, Gods of salmonella), tastes dry.

Then, THIS IS IT – PAY ATTENTION: you add a gianormous heaping tablespoon of low fat mayonnaise. Mix it in by hand. Form the dough into the 1.5″ balls the mix label calls for and set them up on a cookie sheet. It says 10-12 minutes, but after some tiral and error, I like to do 14. I also use a fork and check for clean tines at ‘minute 12′ but they’ve never been good-to-go till minute 14.

I cool them on a paper towel or cooling rack. Then, I eat 2 :-) And, then I store them in a tupperware with a slice of gluten-free bread resting on top. The moisture from the bread soaks into the cookies keeping them soft and delightful longer than you could ever imagine.

Overall, you could take these to a party with 15 minutes of work under your belt and no questions asked about their taste. I give this mix a grade of A; A+ if you follow my tips!

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