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Life’s a Quiche

February 7th, 2008 by Brooke

I made it through the holidays without weight gain – not even a pound. Yet, over the last two weeks, we’ve been busy and leisurely weeknights filled with cooking and conversation are on hold. Our “diet” has been a scavenger hunt of what’s in the pantry; we’ve had little time for our usual preparation and shopping. We’ve been getting a lot of take out, whacking off drive-by hunks of full-fat cheese and (sigh) we discovered the sugary GF cookie aisle at Wegman’s. Not to mention we’ve been uncorking wine from our recent and wonderful Charlottesville wine tour (by Arcady Vineyard, who, gleefully provided rice crackers with a cheese plate at my request.)

Five pounds later (no joke) its time to eat smarter. No, dieting isn’t rocket science, it’s an exercise in being honest with myself. In particular, what can I do to switch up my routine so I don’t graze after my thirtieth straight morning of yogurt and fruit or gorge myself at lunch?

One staple I always go back to is the mini-quiches I learned about when I read the South Beach Diet. I’ve modified and experimented in recent years, but for a glutie who needs more super-satiating muscle-building protein in the morning, these quiches are a lifesaver.

QUICHE RECIPE: in a bowl with a pouring spout, crack a few (4-6) egg whites, a yolk or two, add some salt, some pepper and scramble with a fork. Pour the mixture into the wells of a lightly greased (or sprayed) muffin tin to the halfway point (wells can be mini or full size, you can use paper wrappers or not). Then, top each pool of egg whites with a handful of a diced veggie combination of your choosing and a little shredded cheese. Drizzle the last little bit of egg over each. Bake at 350 until they rise up, don’t jiggle and a fork comes out clean. Voila! 1-minute breakfast-to-go for a week!

Two good combos to try: 1) broccoli, red pepper, and cheddar and 2) spinach, mushroom, onion and gruyere. If you make twelve at the beginning of the week, you can microwave 2 or 3 (depending on size) every morning.

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