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Gluten-free Menu Swap Feb. 4-9 (Brandi): Break down the T-U-R-N-I-P

February 6th, 2008 by Brandi

Let’s start with turnips being one of the most underrated vegetables available in the cold winter months. People complain that turnips are on par with liver and onions, Lima beans and brussel sprouts. Really, they’re spicy and fragrant and a beautiful shade of purple. Cooked just right, you’ll never miss a potato again. They’re also simple to grow in a deep pot on a patio or in a small kitchen garden. You plant them just after all of the other early summer veggies have passed, which means there is always space available.

So today was one of those days and the menu was scarce, mostly comprised of stolen snacks here and there. But, in true glutie fashion, I lived up to my obligation, ate turnips and am sharing the “left over” recipe and menu of the day.


Fage Fat-Free Greek Yogurt with Gunter’s Honey


Left over turkey chili

**2 pounds ground turkey (browned), add 1 can stewed tomatoes, one can spicy black beans, chili powder, garlic salt, cumin, cracked red pepper**



**Against my “eat local” beliefs, but if not local, then organic, which these were**


Left Over Turnip Stew (serves 4)

**The premise here is to use chicken broth, which we all have on hand all of the time (right?!), turnips and anything else you can find in your fridge**

1. Boil 4 cups chicken broth.

2. Add peeled, chopped turnips. Boil 15 minutes until soft.

3. Add leftover chicken (up to one cup), in pieces.

4. Add any veggies in the fridge – we used lima beans.

5. Add leftover rice, optional.

6. Season with oregano, cracked red pepper, garlic salt to taste.

Enjoy, with no stress and no wasted food!

If you want a taste test, and to try a new soup over the next few nights as our balmy D.C. weather cools down into the weekend, you might consider Brooke’s recommended “Chicken Soup with Vegetables” or one of my tried and true favorites from Epicurious.com, “Creamy Turnip Soup.”

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