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Review: Frozen Pizza Dough by Gillian’s

January 18th, 2008 by Brooke

Some days you just want pizza and beer. Now that we’re too old to hit Thursday happy hours, we usually have fun night at home on Thursdays and uncork some wine or eat junk food. Last night, Adrian and I made “his” and “her” pizzas. I used a bag of frozen Gillian’s pizza crust purchased at Whole Foods, thawed over night in the refrigerator. He used fresh wheat dough (sinner.) After thawing, I worked with the cold dough (as recommended) on a table dusted with GF flour. It took a while but eventually, it started to get stretchy enough to pull out into a pizza crust. Unlike wheat dough, it isn’t super resistant and doesn’t snap back when you stretch it – which I liked. Instead of working with a bready dough that is puffy and gummy , it was a little bit like working with a less-greasy sugar-cookie dough – sort of flat and flaky. While it doesn’t stick to itself, it is sticky on surfaces so you have to have a pretty big flour dusting underneath to move it around. It’s not as strong as a wheat dough – duh, no gluten! – it does get tiny holes in it but they can be pinched back together. We baked it on a pizza stone for 3 minutes to firm up and then I topped it with sauce, fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers, spicy chicken sausage and artichoke hearts. We baked 12 minutes and broiled it a few minutes later to brown some cheese. At 8:30, I sat down with an enormous plate of pizza (how often do I get to eat it, people?) and a New Grist. Ah, the gluten free good life was mine again!

This is a review, right? So how was it? It tasted very good. It had a hint of sweetness a la Chef Boy R Dee but not the heartburn-y tanginess I get when I eat Amy’s Rice Crust pizza. I will definitely try Gillian’s again and will even try to use it for more inventive things like empanadas or all those annoying appetizer recipes that call for crescent rolls.

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