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You’re celiac … how about a sandwich?

January 15th, 2008 by Brandi

During a recent business trip to the Midwest to meet with an inspired group of farmers, academics, nutritionists and communicators advocating for healthy, fresh food in the U.S., the reality of much-needed “gluten education” was prevalent. Due diligence requires us celiacs and gluten-free goddesses (and gods) to call ahead, request special meals, put out a red flag that indicates a challenging diner will be amongst the group. But at times, to no avail. When sitting down to the first meal of this particular trip, where a GF menu option was previously requested, the waitress kindly offered a sandwich. She proudly stated “that the sandwiches were all gluten free. Not one contained sugar!” Upon learning that really, each sandwich was packaged quite nicely in a gluten wrapper, she was confused. Later, sparse greens were served and hunger quickly followed. Lesson learned … no matter how trite it may seem, the GF dining cards available on many sites (our favorite is at TriumphDining.com ($19 but quite comprehensive) or at CeliacTravel.com (Free! and in a number of languages) are worth it! These cards help you to clearly explain your condition to chefs and wait staff … which can make all the difference in the world. Another lesson learned, never leave home without plenty of GF snacks …

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